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Stay Warm with Direct Vent and Outdoor Fire Pit Repairs

You love your heating your unit, but maybe it doesn't burn quite as hot as it used to. Kevin's Fireplace Services provides expert repairs for all of your Direct Vent Inserts and Outdoor Fire Pits and Tables to help keep you warm. With 20 years of industry experience, our technician will provide you with professional and efficient repairs at a competitive price that will save you money. If you are interested in receiving a Direct Vent or Outdoor Fire Pit repair service call us at 949-433-3015 today.

Direct Vent Inserts & Appliances

Direct Vent Inserts are an extremely versatile and cost-efficient way to keep your room and whole home warm. These factory built heating units are designed to help maintain air quality in a certain room without the help of electricity. You can usually find Direct Vent Inserts in any home that does not have a traditional fireplace and can be found in many homes that were built in the mid-1900's.

When your home's Direct Vent Insert breaks, your first assumption would be to either replace your Direct Vent Insert with a newer and more costly model. Call the Direct Vent repair expert at Kevin's Fireplace Services first. Our technician can quickly and carefully remove the glass from your direct vent insert, and effectively and efficiently repair your direct vent insert system to “as-good-as-new” condition.
Vent Repair — Fireplace Installation in Orange County, CA

B-Vent Gas Fireplace Units

When using a natural draft gas fireplace your fireplace is running solely on the natural flow of hot air to combustion gases outside of your home. A more efficient heating method can be found in B-Vent Gas Fireplaces, that use a natural draft system that uses a special gas pipe that carries combustion gases out of your home. Kevin's Fireplace Services offers you efficient B-Vent repairs and maintenances to ensure that your B-Vent is always running at max efficiency. To discover if you have B-Vent and how Kevin's Fireplace Services can help you repair it call us today at 949-433-3015.

Fire Pits & Tables

You have worked hard on your outdoor living space and you want to ensure that your guests are comfortable relaxing outside year-round. For all of your outdoor Fire Pit and Fire Table repairs and maintenance needs trust on Kevin's Fireplace Services. Our owner will carefully remove the interior of your outdoor fire pit to determine the root cause of your fire pit issues. To learn more about our fire pit and table maintenance and repair services call us today at 949-433-3015.